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Creative Vision Consulting, LLC.

The choice you make about what type of business structure is appropriate for your company will affect 

how much you pay in taxes, the level of risk or liability to your personal assets (your house, your personal savings), and even your ability to raise money from investors. 


Formation & Compliance

  1. Doing Business As (DBA)/ Sole Proprietorship
  2. Partnerships  
  3. Corporations (INC) S or C Corporations
  4. Limited Liability Corporation(LLC) Formations (50 States)
 (Includes Tax ID# and Professional Registered Agent for 2 years)

  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Trademark Registration 
  • Tax ID#, Sales Tax ID#, DUNS #
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Quarterly Tax Payments

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"Good business planning is 9 parts execution for every 1 part strategy"

 Tim Berry

Business Plan Tiers

  1. 100K or less
  2. 100-400K
  3. 450K and up

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"Do what you do best, and outsource the rest"

 Peter Drucker

Virtual Services     

  • Virtual Assistant/Administration
  • Virtual Operations Manager
  • Virtual Financial Management

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Web Design & Development/SEO 

A VA with experience in SEO and/or digital marketing will prove invaluable to your company. The right VA can boost web traffic, sales numbers and brand ubiquity with the right SEO and digital marketing techniques and strategies.

• Developing, updating and optimizing an SEO and web marketing strategy.

• Conducting a keyword research for website and performing a blog analysis.

• Setting up and creating a landing page.

• Starting an in-depth competitor analysis (targeted keywords, ranked content)

• Sitemap and webmaster submissions.

• Beginning a link building campaign and generating enough back links.

• Off-page optimization: commenting on other blogs, participating in forums and message boards and responding to the public on YouTube and news websites.

• Monitoring weekly and monthly Google Analytics reports; observing site traffic.

• Designing advertisements (banners, side panel graphics, etc.) and finding appropriate, high-traffic websites to place them on.

• Creating new list of email contacts, email newsletters and promotional copy.

• Establishing follow-up emails and auto respond and edit according to response rate.

• Designing logos, eBook covers, headers, icons and other graphic elements.

• Looking for a content marketing firm or publisher to post branded content.

• Reach out to media outlets and influencers to garner profiles by publishers.

• Audio & Video Editing

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